Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co. is in pursuit to be one of the most dynamic company's this world has ever birthed.  We are always excited to get feedback so we can further improve our services.  Success is what we strive for!

"Transforming any brand is a great responsibility so it's important not to take chances on your marketing apparel.  The Dekalb Chamber uses Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co. because we trust our brand messaging will be communicated through the highest level of quality clothing."

- Katerina Taylor, President/CEO DeKalb Chamber of Commerce

"I love working with Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co. because their items are totally affordable for all of the athletic teams that I coach.  They've always been on time meeting deadlines.  They answer all of my questions, and are honest about what can be done to meet my budget.  Each garment is superbly done with style.  We've been the best looking teams on the court and in the pool because of Kaptain Kirk.  I like their company so much that i've given them references to other organizations and sports teams.  Plus, people stop us and ask us where do we get all of this high quality gear and I proudly say, "Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co."

- Coach J. Jackson-Brownlee, Lovejoy Middle School Athletic Director


"Thank you miracle workers!"

- Y. Nolan, Diamond Krushers Kickball Team


"If you need Corporate Apparel, I suggest using Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co.  I ordered a few Logo Shirts and Polo's and was pleased with their customer service, speed at which I recieved my order, and most importantly the quality...and the price was Fantastic!  I definitely would recommend them.

- D. Taylor, V and L Research & Consulting, Inc.


"As the owner of a small business I am always looking for ways get quality uniforms and save money.  It's hard to find quality uniforms for reasonable prices, but I was definitely satisfied with the qualtiy, price, and professionalism of Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co.  Thanks you guys!"

- S. Bailey, Grant's Cleaning Specialists, LLC


"My customers love it!  And I love it!"

- Maserati, Peaches of Atlanta


"Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co.'s t-shirts are out of this world from design to quality."

- A. Greene, Alexia Verde Publishing


"Convenient.  Nice product.  Good price.  Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co.'s shirts helped me fit in a new environment and made my job easier."

- Brian, Customer since 2016


"I've been shopping with Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co. for the last 3 years as far as customized t-shirts for my business and personal use.  His material is exquisite and the quality is exemplary.  I would recommend Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co. to any one looking for customized quality design work."

- Mark B., Customer since 2013


"Always on time and constructed with the highest quality of material that you are willing to pay for.  Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co. is truly the best!!"

- Tech9, Club Blaze Security


"Good quality.  Good price."

- Carl, Uncle Carl's BBQ


"Good quality print and materials."

- Jessie, Customer since 2014


"Everytime I get shirts from Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co. people love 'em."

- Tony B, Customer since 2015


"Preciate everything.  Been with you from the start.  Great beginning, i'm behind you 1000%."

- R. Williams, Customer since 2014


"Everything turned out just perfect!  Thanks for being so quick about it, too!"

- M. McKibbin, Diamond Vision



- M. Godwin, Street Money Worldwide



- M. Mitchell, Customer since 2016


"Great quality of shirts, on point graphic design."

- G. Glover, First Lady Restoration Tabernacle


"Good material.  Great service.  I will continue shopping with Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co."

- T.P., Customer since 2016


"Yes, I shop with Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co. because everything is always on point."

- Fred, Customer since 2014


"Get my shirts ahead of schedule and I am very pleased."

- Chief W. Varnum, Former Chief of Police City of Lithonia


"Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co. does beautiful work."

- Georgia, Customer since 2013


"When I wear shirts made by Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co. I get compliments."

- Brian, Customer since 2014

"Best quality shirts I've seen in Atlanta."

- L. Williams, The Anthony's Lawn Care

"Great product, reliable service, timely fashion.  I would definitely shop with Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co. in the future."

- DJ Reggie Black, Esq.


"Really great looking shirts."

- Dale, Club Blaze


"The quality of the t-shirt cannot be beat.  I love it!  It washes perfectly."

- A. Hill, Delta Community Credit Union